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Ruchama Bilenky is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Instructor who specializes in bringing the spiritual and physical benefits of Yoga to diverse individuals and populations. She is also an actress and musician. She is inspired by music, travel, meditation, yoga and chocolate! Think Yoga isn't for you? Try a session with Ruchama and have your misconceptions dispelled!

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Philadelphia, PA

Photos by Elijah Snyder-Vidmar

“Ruchama is a talented, soulful human being who beams light and love to all she meets! She is a fantastic woman and a great yoga teacher!”

  1. -Hannah Tsapatoris-MacLeod

Founder, Naked Feet Theatrical Productions

Save the date for Yoga Retreat in the Dominican Republic 3/22/20-3/29/20 with Mary Dimeglio of Mishana Yoga and Wellness!

photo by Christopher Kadish